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Our goal is to help you discover real solutions to the screen conflicts in your home. From your son’s video game coma to your daughter’s smartphone obsession, one thing is for sure, screens are kidnapping our kids, taking them away from their families, and stealing their childhoods. And we the solutions.

From that first feeling in your gut that something isn’t quite right to a more obvious problem, we have been in your shoes. We have suffered through the confusion, done the research and have come out on the other end with real answers. Hundreds of families have benefited from our programs and we are so glad to be able to share it with you. Say goodbye to the days of exhausting screen conflicts and let us help you to reset your screen habits, reconnect your family, and reclaim your kids!

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Friday, Apr 28, 2017: Charlotte, NC – Charlotte LAB School is bringing back FMM for a workshop LAB School parents, faculty, and staff.

NEW Thursday, Jun 1, 2017: Charlotte, NC – Myers Park Baptist  is hosting a Kids’ Brains & Screens Seminar from 5:30-7:30pm

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Victoria Dunckley, MD

Screen overuse on the child’s brain.

Adam Brooker

Former teen game addict speaks out.

News Special Report

Dr. Doan & WCCB uncover just a few of the warning signs.

Are your Screens Balanced?

Entertainment Screen Overuse:   Signs & Symptoms

Does your child withdraw and become angry when you take away his electronic gaming screen?

Do your kids live on their phones?

Does your daughter ever really come home or does she constantly need to stay connected to Social Media?

Restoring balance is The Solution:  Easier than you think.



Learn how screens physically rewire your child’s brain.



Develop a plan to reign in screen overuse in your home.
Find Solutions to ReSet your home on our Video Game & Social Media pages.



Replace tech-time with family time activities, books & traditions.

“He had no interest in books or outside games.  I had this nagging sense that something was amiss.  After attending your seminar, we took away all computer games. … After about 2 weeks of some detox, his teacher asked him if he was on medicine and said that he was doing much better in class. . . . One day recently he hugged me and said, “Thanks, Mom. You saved me.” So, I want to say to you, “Thanks.”

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