Playing catch.

Playing catch. This age old simple past time is worth re-considering especially if your son hasn’t done it in awhile. Make sure his glove fits. Find some good baseballs in the garage. Show him where he can throw away from windows. Barefoot in the grass is best. Send him outside. If he comes in after…

Jump on a trampoline.

Jump on the trampoline. We have had a trampoline in our back yard for a total of 15 years. All of our kids have loved it.  Having a trampoline has honestly been one of the best parenting decisions we have made.  I feel that not only is it good for the vestibular inner-ear development (read…

Early morning media.


Summer is here and while it was somewhat easy to control media use at our home during the school week, the summer schedule presents a whole new media management problem. Your sweet child who had trouble getting up for school every morning during the school year now has all of a sudden figured out how to get up at the crack of dawn and watch cartoons or play video games for 2 hours before you get up. What is a mom to do? You are tired and want to enjoy that extra hour of early morning summer slumber as you should be able to do. Is it really that bad for him to turn to media for his early morning activities?  After all you did the same thing when you were growing up. Right?

The dilemma: Why morning media is unhealthy for kids.