Gaming as a reward system?

This seems so logical. “Do your homework for 30 minutes then I will allow you to game for 30 minutes.”  Seems like a good idea, right?

As a mom, you know that reward systems work, and when you find one that works so well for your son, you feel successful as a parent. It is a wonderful thing to find something that is so motivating for your son and that makes him so happy. It seems like a win-win. You tell him that he can’t play his game until his homework, chores, or piano practice is done. But beware, chances are your smart little boy (or big boy) will figure out how to rush through his homework, practice and chores in world record time so he can get to his game. Your clever reward system may encourage him to cut corners and do sloppy work. It may not

The digital babysitter.

Games make a great babysitter.

Let’s be honest, video games make great babysitters. They are available 24/7, kids love them and you can’t beat the rate. For little children, games are a pacifier and for biggerimg_8940 ones, they are the best babysitter known to mom. A game-free home is loud and can be messy and mom can be exhausted at times. Rooms are used for forts, clothes get really dirty and creative energy is

Don’t start too young.

Don’t let your kids start playing too young.

img_3723Don’t be too amazed at the astonishing computer and gaming skills that your 5-year old possesses; sorry, but it is truly not that special! They are called  “smart”  devices not devices for smart kids. As parents we are so impressed with our children’s abilities at young ages and understandably so. They are impressive! Their little brains are working overtime and it is truly

Ex-Game Cop Mom.

Are you a game-cop mom?    I was…..

I hated that job. I was always having to enforce the game rules at our house and no one was happy. It seemed that I was always “blowing the whistle” on too much gaming, not obeying time limits and bad attitudes. It was a very unpopular full-time job, 24/7, and everyone thought I was mean and unreasonable. I didn’t mind that so much, but I was not good at my job of gaming cop mom. I failed. It was very challenging and I was not prepared. One day it hit me: I could retire from my position.

I learned that gaming was a real addiction and that gaming was not good for a young child’s brain development as dopamine and other brain chemicals are released when they