Early morning media.


Summer is here and while it was somewhat easy to control media use at our home during the school week, the summer schedule presents a whole new media management problem. Your sweet child who had trouble getting up for school every morning during the school year now has all of a sudden figured out how to get up at the crack of dawn and watch cartoons or play video games for 2 hours before you get up. What is a mom to do? You are tired and want to enjoy that extra hour of early morning summer slumber as you should be able to do. Is it really that bad for him to turn to media for his early morning activities?  After all you did the same thing when you were growing up. Right?

The dilemma: Why morning media is unhealthy for kids.

“Just one more level!”

dsc_0124cOne thing that gaming overuse allowed in our house was what I call gaming disobedience. This is when you call your child for dinner and you get the famous “Just one more level mom” response.  Or there is the moody temper episodes over undone homework and undone chores because the game is more important than other life responsibilities in their minds. Tolerating gaming arguments, bargaining for more time and allowing gaming disobedience are all signs of gaming overuse and it is exhausting.   Why did I allow this? I