On the Air!

This morning (three MMM moms) Allison, Ellen and I  joined Bo Thompson for his morning talk show on WBT Charlotte News Talk radio! Listen here:   https://soundcloud.com/wbtradio/moms-managing-media-interview-5132014 Bo did a great job with the interview and Dr. Doan joined us via phone explaining the science behind screen time and the brain.  Among other things discussed we…

Ex-Game Cop Mom.

Are you a game-cop mom?    I was…..

I hated that job. I was always having to enforce the game rules at our house and no one was happy. It seemed that I was always “blowing the whistle” on too much gaming, not obeying time limits and bad attitudes. It was a very unpopular full-time job, 24/7, and everyone thought I was mean and unreasonable. I didn’t mind that so much, but I was not good at my job of gaming cop mom. I failed. It was very challenging and I was not prepared. One day it hit me: I could retire from my position.

I learned that gaming was a real addiction and that gaming was not good for a young child’s brain development as dopamine and other brain chemicals are released when they