The Kids’ Brains & Screens Introductory Seminar is designed to equip you to make healthy choices for your children’s screen use. It covers the brain science behind screen use during all developmental stages, from toddler to teen. You’ll look into your child’s world of video games, social media and smartphone use as we present the latest research, medical facts, and signs and symptoms of overuse.


The Solution Workshops will equip you with the tools needed to manage childhood screens wisely and rid your home of screen conflicts. They go behind the scenes and show you how to make practical changes in your day-to-day life in order to balance screen use at different ages.

We offer the following Solution Workshops:

  • How to Keep Video Games from Controlling your Child
  • How to Avoid Social Media Anxiety
  • How to Make Smartphones Safe for Kids

Book Clubs

We provide suggested reading to continue the conversation in your community circles. Staying connected is vital as we support one another on our journey to build healthy children and families in the digital world.
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4-Week Reset

Do you think you have  screen-addicted child? Without cost or medication, you can utilize a self-directed, 4-week Detox Program developed by one of our Advisory Board physicians.
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Contact us to start a local Families Managing Media Chapter in your community!