The New York Daily News asked Families Managing Media to respond to Facebook’s launch of Messenger for Kids Watch Now.
Dec 5, 2017


FMM talks with WCNC on How to Limit Kid’s Screen Time – Watch Now!


Derek James of WCCB News Rising launched a new series called Screen Sense.

We were thrilled to work with Derek at WCCB on the development of this new series. Throughout the production of these bi-weekly clips, Derek interviewed members of Families Managing Media for different segments and provides great information for helping to raise the awareness around childhood screen addictions and what parents need to know.

Part I: The Problem – WATCH
August 30, 2017

Part II: Sextortion – WATCH
September 13, 2017

Part III: Video Game Addiction – WATCH
September 27, 2017

Part IV: The Effects of Social Media on Young People – WATCH
October 12, 2017


WCNC NBC Charlotte interviews Melanie Hempe
Sep 18, 2017 – Why you should limit your child’s screen time. – WATCH

Aug 28, 2017 –  How Social Media Affects Families – WATCH


WBTV Morning Break: Kids and Social Media – WATCH
August 27, 2017


WBT 1110 AM: Vince Coakley Interviews Holley East with Families Managing Media – LISTEN
Aug 26, 2017


ABC News lists Families Managing Media as a top 5 Resource for parents wanting to break kids’ extreme electronics usage habits – WATCH
May 17, 2017


WCNC NBC Charlotte: Fighting Back Against Cyber-Bullying – WATCH
March 2, 2017


WCCB Charlotte News @ 10: Families Managing Media Helps Families Manage Screen Time – WATCH
January 10, 2017


The Charlotte Observer:  5 Reasons to Consider a Screen Break – WATCH
April 12, 2016

WCNC Charlotte Today: Get Real Toys for your kids this Christmas
December 11, 2015

WCNC Charlotte Today: Spark Your Kids Creativity
February 25, 2015

WCCB Fox News Rising: Help Kick the Video Game Addiction

December 15, 2014 (Unfortunately, this link is no longer live)


South Charlotte News
September 30, 2014


Radio Interview with WBT
May 13, 2014 – (Unfortunately, this link is no longer live)


WCNC Charlotte Today: Non-Tech Gift Ideas
December 11, 2014 (Unfortunately, this link is no longer live)

NBC Charlotte Today: Recognizing Video Game Addiction with Dr. Andrew Doan & Melanie Hempe
May 29, 2014

WCCB J Garabito Reporting on Gaming Addiction with Melanie Hempe & Dr. Andrew Doan
January 7, 2014