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Families Managing Media: Kids’ Brains & Screens Seminar: Are Your Kids Obsessed with Their Video Games or Social Media?
Join us for a 90-minute seminar designed to equip you to make healthy choices for your children’s screen use. We will cover the brain science behind screen use during all developmental stages, from toddlers to teens. You’ll look into your child’s world of video games, smartphone use, and social media, as we discuss the latest research, medical facts, and signs and symptoms of overuse.  The session concludes with practical tips to reduce screen overuse in your home along with Q&A.


Who we are.
Families Managing Media helps reconnect families by educating and empowering parents to confidently manage the ever-changing world of childhood screens.


“The world needs to hear what you have to say! Thank you again. My family is forever grateful to you for waking us up from a screen-induced coma.” – Mom of three, Charlotte, NC


Introduce the speaker.
In 2011, Melanie Hempe uncovered the dark world of video game addiction as she realized that her son’s gaming had finally crossed the line. As she began talking with other families and neuroscientists, she quickly realized she was not alone. Turns out, like Melanie, families everywhere were not prepared for the title wave of technology that was flooding their homes, as children and teens were being lost in the world of video games and social media. With a RN degree from Emory University, Melanie founded Families Managing Media. She draws upon her medical background to demystify the questions of why technology has such a strong grip on our kids and why it is replacing normal childhood activities.


Families Managing Media has delivered hundreds of seminars throughout the Charlotte area, writes for Charlotte Parent’s online blog, has been seen on local news stations like WCNC and WCCB, and been quoted in Real Simple and Psychology Today magazines. Melanie provides easy-to-follow scientific information and practical solutions for children of all ages, and stresses the importance of “Real Life” connections in a digital world.


Melanie and her husband, Chris are raising 4 children in a media balanced home – and have successfully replaced video games with sports, music, art and good manners… and, they have also done the impossible: they have kept social media and smartphones from controlling their kids!